Ok, so yesterday, I went over a possible exercise I had in mind for a module on data analysis for my introduction class. Today, I thought I might as well share the databases that I have started collecting for the purpose of designing more such exercises on different topics. So, here is a partial list that I will constantly update as I find good stuff on the Intertoobz.

International Organizations

Other Global Data

US Data

There are others, I’m sure. And I’ll add them as I find them.

Also, some of these databases contain tools to create customized visualizations or to manipulate the data, like the Human Development Report.

Otherwise, there are a couple of tools I’m seriously considering:

  • GSS (via Survey Documentation and Analysis, Berkeley… thanks to Jay Livingstone for mentioning this to me)
  • Statwing (I’m still on the fence on this one because even though it looks like a neat statistical software that is actually affordable, the visualization part lacks options to customize and you might end up having to download things back to Excel, which I’d rather avoid. I wish the software did the whole “upload / visualize / analyze / publish” thing. But I need to work more on this)
  • Health Data Interactive

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