Max Weber deserves a place in the cranky sociologist gallery. His analysis on the disenchantment of the world through rationalization and bureaucratization is still highly relevant. In particular, his insight on the dehumanizing character of rationalized production of blue-collar or white-collar work is central.

This is why, when I asked Kevin Moore (who, again, produced the great toon below) to draw Weber, I also referred to the opening scene of Charles Chaplin’s Modern Times as the perfect illustration of the dehumanization of workers through rationalized processes of production.

The first 20 minutes or so are especially revealing, from the relentless pace of the Taylorized assembly line and the repetitive, scientifically measured movements, to the surveillance through technology, through the attempt at rationalizing even further the lunch period through science and technology, and the worker finally becoming literally a cog in the machine. This entire first part is quintessentially Weberian.

And so, Kevin Moore came with this brilliant toon:


You can find the image and all the others in the gallery.

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